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Driven by the rapid development of fishing gear industry

Spring is a good season, fishing, but fishing is good, the equipment investment is not small. Today, small make up more and more feel the fishing has gradually become a high cost of leisure entertainment, especially for many hardcore fishing people, in the purchase of equipment, they are not willing to burn, it is".

Xiao Bian found that now fishing activities fishing tackle shop sales in addition to the traditional fishing rod, fishing, hook and line, more like stool, fishing bag, sunshade, sunglasses, tents and other affiliated fishing equipment. Although customers can according to their own preferences with freedom, but with a set of the most basic fishing tackle at least need hundreds of yuan. Generally, a freshwater fishing equipment price from three to five hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Data show that the number of fishing enthusiasts in all sports, ranking fourth. In China, 50000000 people have the experience of fishing.

A few years ago, there are not many kinds of fishing equipment, fishing rod but also the price of three hundred or four hundred yuan, in recent years, with the domestic and foreign fishing tackle manufacturer to update the variety and quality of fishing gear, now a small hook to a fishing rod, prices are rising. Especially now that fishing enthusiasts pay more attention to product quality, some prices are expensive, high quality fishing tackle, sales are very popular.

With the work and life rhythm speeding up, the fishing leisure sports as a kind of fashion, as many young people choose a new way to relieve the pressure and make friends. In the past, fishing enthusiasts groups mainly to the middle-aged, but in recent years, showing a trend of younger, fancier level which accounted for about 10% of annual consumption, fishing people fishing products reached 500 yuan and 1000 yuan. In recent years, the number of high-end fishing fancier and consumption growth is also very fast, every year for fishing cost millions of super fancier, a year to fish consumption of 100000 yuan to 200000 yuan a fishing fancier is not uncommon.

For a long time series in the communication and expression were found in the "play", the longer the time, update the fishing costs will be increasingly high. For the prosperity and development of the fishing industry also has a certain role in promoting. Only in the case of a float, float, can be divided into several grades, different weather, seasons, more is to use different float. For a fishing enthusiasts, as long as there is a certain economic capacity, will have a more than six. In such a situation, I believe the future of the fishing industry will achieve greater success.

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